Art James Construction Group delivers unmatched results at every point of your construction project’s lifecycle, including project initiation and project completion. The "AJCG Team" of experts will adeptly take you through the complete “design-build” cycle. From new construction and project planning to major building renovations, we provide thorough attention to every detail. 

AJCG has developed outstanding customer service and superior craftsmanship solutions for even the most complex construction projects. Our standard operating procedure is be nimble, be versatile and be adaptable.


If you are an owner, developer, construction manager, general contractor, or subcontractor, our approach to construction management will help you realize a substantial savings in labor and material costs.  Our customer-centered methodology and our superior-craftsmanship mindset add value to all that you do or seek to do. Applications include commercial and residential structures, bridges, educational projects, historical preservation projects, recreational projects, civil projects, utility projects, environmental projects, and much, much more!

Our mission is to enhance communities by building new structures and making physical improvements to existing ones that transform the way people live, work, love and play.